Monday, April 24, 2017

Stamped Flower Tag

Hello Everyone, Shilpa here and I've a pretty little flower tag tutorial to share with you today!

Step by Step Tutorial

 1. Stamp Flower using archival ink onto the paper tag.

2. Color the image with similar watercolor. Let it dry completely.

3. Apply blue watercolor for the background.

4. Stamp "Dare to be Different " phrase with black ink.
5. Edge tag with ink for a distressed look.
6. Hole punch top of tag.
7. Add cord or pretty trim.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Dressed in Feathers.....

Hi Everyone!

Today's post uses a couple of single stamps available in the Sin City Stamps Store!!
Hope you like getting messy while you create because we are doing some painting and heat embossing for these arty tags!

  • Sin City Stamp: Dressy Lady with Feathers Art
  • Sin City Stamp: Dare to be Different Word Phrase
  • Packaging Tags
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Sponge
  • Old Book Pages
  • Printed Tissue Papers
  • Matte Medium
  • Heat Gun
  • Embossing Powders & Embossing Ink Pad
  • Embellishments ie. feathers, fibers, 3d stickers, braid, flowers, ephemera etc.
  • General supplies ie. scissors, spatula, glue, hole punch

Let's start on the tags first.
Tear your old book pages into pieces/strips. Then using the matt medium,  adhere the book pages randomly over the tags. (I've kept the tags all attached in the row of 4 to start with to make it easier to cover and paint).
Add some strips of patterned tissue paper as well. (I had some really cool "shoe" themed black and white tissue paper which came in a box wrapped around a new pair of shoes - what a bonus!!!)
Allow the matt medium to dry completely.

Next step is to add some paint. You can use any colors you like.
For these tags, shades of purple and white acrylic paints have been used.
Using a sponge, or even a makeup sponge works really well, apply the paint randomly to cover all the "blank" spots on the tags as well as the book page strips and tissue paper.

Once the paint is dry, trim any excess overhang of papers and cut the set of 4 tags in half ie. 2 tags each and these will be our "base" tags for our stamped images.
To break up the paint co lour you can add some printed tissue paper over the top of the paint . This adds  an extra layer of texture and interest.
Set aside to dry once again!

Now to work on our stamped images.
Stamp the Dressy Lady and Word Phrase onto paper or card or even as shown here on old book pages.
To match the tag background, try using your embossing pad and sprinkle with colored embossing powder. I've embossed one image/phrase with purple to match the tags and one image/phrase with a co-coordinating green color for a different look!
Heat emboss, but be careful not to burn your fingers!
Cut out the Dressy Lady and cut around the phrase.
You can also use words from old book pages.
 I love the look of the stamped images on the book pages because the paper has that "old" look and is not as stark as using white paper - use cream paper as an alternative to keep the tags looking really vintage style!

Lastly we need to add our stamped images and embellishments to the tags!
Glue everything in place and thread the fibers into the holes at the top of the tags.

Hope you have enjoyed my post today and feel inspired to stamp and create!!


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Best Wishes-Clear acrylic home decor

Hello my dear crafty friends!
Irit is here today and I am going to share my lovely stamped project made from the both sides of an acrylic piece.

*I had some trouble taking a good photo of double sided clear project and as much as I tried this is the best I could achieve. But believe me, the end result is far more gorgeous, shiny and artistic.
When you make one too, you will see how easy and fast it can be made.*

Have fun!

Supply list:

Other products:
Acrylic tile- 6 x 6'' and a smaller one for the sentiment
Black pigmented ink
Clear embossing powder
Mix of achohol ink
Alcohol blending solution
Alcohol ink felt applicator
Gold acrylic paint
Clear adhesive

Step by step directions:

1. Stamp the three butterflies randomly over the 6"x6" acrylic tile. Use black pigmented ink and clear embossing powder. You can also use any kind of solvent permanent ink (Staz- On) over the acrylic surface, but the heat embossed effect looks much better.

2. Stamp the ferns and the flowers from the back side of your acrylic tile. Use the same ink and heat emboss in the same way as the front of the tile.

3. Apply a mix of alcohol inks (3 to 4 colors, not more) using felt applicator. Apply the inks on one side only- you pick the side. Add a few drops of alcohol blending solution for the effect. Repeat this step until you are happy with the colors.

4. Stamp the Best Wishes sentiment on the small acrylic tile using the same technique as on previous steps.
Paint the back side of the stamped sentiment with gold acrylic paint. Let the paint dry.

5. Paint the edges of the stamped  tile with gold acrylic paint .
Adhere the stamped Best Wishes sentiment over the front of the tile.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Circus Celebrations

Chris here and today I am excited to share this vintage looking Circus Celebration Birthday card!
When I created this I was inspired by the striped 7 gypsies paper - every time I looked at it and my Sin City Stamps Steampunk Circus Stamp Set all I could think of was a circus tent!!!!!!   So I decided to re-create a circus tent!

Supplies needed
2 sided Striped Patterned paper
Cream/Ivory Card stock
Archival Brown Ink
Colored ink pads
Colored markers
Water Brush
Foam Dimensional Tape

1. Start by cutting your cream cardstock as your card base and distress with your ink pad.

2. Stamp image from Sin City Stamps Steampunk Circus  in bottom center of card.

3. Color image in muted colors using markers and a water brush.

4. Cut 2 sided striped patterned paper slightly smaller than card base.
5. Cut a slit in the center of the paper, stopping about 1 inch from the top.
6. Attach foam dimensional tape on the front of striped paper as below.
7. Fold ends back and attached striped paper over stamped image.
8. Add ground base with water brush and markers.

9. Stamps the 'Happy Birthday Greeting' and cut into a banner shape then attach to the card.

10. Add the Jute/twine bow accent to finish off your card.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day of the Dead Triptych

Hi all, today I show you how to make this Day of the Dead Triptych.


Sin City stamps Sugar Skull Floral Flourish and Praying kneeling skeleton
flower flourish from the Day of the dead sugar Skull sheet

Die Artfull Dwellings, but these shapes are also easy to handcut
Black ribbon
Paints in  blue, quinacridone gold , red, dark grey, yellow iron oxide.
Antiquing cream in white (or white paint)
Matte Varnish
Chipboard (I used the back of a paperpad)
Black waterproof stamp ink
Arylic block
Unmounted rubber stamp  about the same size as the kneeling skeleton stamp


1)  Cut out house shapes of chipboard ; 4 smaller and 2 larger (or use the Artfull dwellings die) and gesso both sides  (size needs to match the stamps you will be using)

2)  Paint all 6 shapes with the grey paint.
3) Add a layer of antiquing cream over the grey, let it dry and wipe back using a baby wipe to give it a worn look. (This can be done with acrylic white paint too, it's just a bit harder. If you use paint  make sure it has not dried completely before you wipe it off)

Brush the edges with the ink pad to create a distressed look.
4)  Now we will do a technique that is called "Mirror stamping" As you can see on the picture of the Triptych the Praying kneeling skeleton are both facing the middel pannel, so we have to do a little trick to make one of  the skellies face the other way using the same stamp.

Take an unmounted rubber stamp , here the Sugar Skull Floral Flourish that 's on the middle pannel is used, lay it on the work surface face down.
Ink up the Praying kneeling skeleton and make an impression on the back side of the unmounted Skull stamp.
Take the left pannel of the triptych and press it (white side down) onto the impression you just made on the back of the skull stamp. See picture below

 Make sure to press firm and evenly to make a good impression, work fast so the ink will not dry before you can stamp.
 Here is the result, on the left the mirrored image and on the right the image as it is on the stamp.

 5) Make an impression of the Sugar Skull Floral Flourish on the middle panel, and add the flower flourish stamp on the top of each panel.
6)  Because the antiquing cream will keep reacting with water add a layer of matte varnish (be carefull the antiquing cream will react with the varnish too). If you used acrylic paint you will not have this problem so no need to varnish then.
When varnish is dry add  iron oxide yellow paint  thinned with water to the edges
 7) Next add some quinacridon gold, with every layer of paint you want the image and background to shine though. Therefor you need to thin all thepaints used with water.
 8) Use some red an blue to make the Triptych a bit more colorful but make sure you will be able to see the stamps shine through the paint layers. Adding paint over the stamped image will give a more aged look as stamping over the paint. and as you can see- the imperfections of the mirror stamped skeleton are not noticeable anymore.
9) Cut two pieces of ribbon to use as hinges.  Take the 3 panels, line them up with some space between the panels, add a layer of glue and attache the ribbons as shown in the picture above.

10 ) Next put the stamped pannels in their right place.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful...

Hi there!
Today I am going to show you how to make this lovely framed project using Sin City Stamps!
Products Used:

  • Sin City Stamps - Angel Of Time 
  • Blank wooden 5X7 frame
  • Molded paper clay pieces
  • Flower Assortment
  • Microbeads
  • 3D Matte Gel
  • Glue Gun
  • Stencils
  • Acrylic waxes
  • Texture paste
  • Chipboard tree embellishment
  • Black Archival Ink
  • Clear Embossing Powder
  • Heavy patterned cardstock
  • Printed quote or photo
  • Tissue or washi tape
  • Black gesso
  • Metallic acrylic paint

1. Stamp your image onto heavy cardstock and emboss with embossing powder and heat.
2.Choose a patterned paper and cut to fit in your frame.
3.Adhere your quote or picture to the patterned cardstock.

 4. Apply texture paste through a stencil on the sides.
5. Adhere your molded paper clay pieces.
6. I added some tissue tape to any blank spaces for a little extra fun, but this doesn't really show in the end so it is optional.
7. Cover the molded pieces and textured areas with black gesso.

8. Using a metallic paint , (I used green here) paint over the black areas. For the stenciled areas brush lightly.
9. Using another color in a metallic (turquoise was used here) lightly brush over the green areas.
I also added a molded clock here. (gesso in black)
10.Continue adding colors of your choice by lightly dry brushing onto the last until you achieve the color effect you like.

This was my result after adding a bit of black, purple,bronze, and more of the previous colors.

All that's left to do now is add your tree or other embellishment, florals, and the stamped image!
Place your quote of choice in the frame or you could even put a picture in if you prefer!
 I hope you are inspired by my project today and are ready to get creative!!
Thanks For visiting!!

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