Friday, August 18, 2017

Ships Siren Tag Card

Hi Chris here and today I am excited to share this card I created using shipping tags and Sin City Stamps!

Supplies Needed:
Sin City Stamps Octopus Time! Steampunk Art Rubber Stamps
Sin City Stamps Tall Ship with Sails Rubber Stamps
Spray Mist inks - 2 different shades of blue
Star Stencil
Multi-media Gloss
Washi Tape
Black Archival Ink
Letter Stickers

Step 1: Lay Star stencil over top of tags and paint Multi-media Gloss over some of the stars, Repeat for all 3 tags. Let dry.

Step 2: Tear a piece a scrap paper to mask off sea area.  Spray with blue ink mist. Wipe ink off of stars.

Step 3 : Mask bottom of sky and spray bottom of tag with other blue spray mist. Let Dry.

 Step 4: Stamp Octopus Lady from Sin City Stamps Octopus Time! Steampunk Art Rubber Stamps onto right half of first tag, slightly overlapping second tag.

Step 5: Stamp Sin City Stamps Tall Ship with Sails Rubber Stamps over third tag slightly overlapping onto right side of second tag. Add Greeting Stickers.

Step 6: Mat tags onto cardstock and add fibers.  On back side of matted tags use washi tape to create "hinges" for tags.
Trim top of tags to finish.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nautical Card

Hello Sin City Stamp Fans,
Today I have created a Nautical card, which those that know me is my absolute favorite subject matter when making cards. Sometimes a stamp by itself makes the best impact and I wanted to showcase several of the cool stamps from the Nautical Stamp Set.

   Rain droplet stencil
   Glitter embossing paste
   White embossing powder
   Various colors of card stock

Step 1:  Stamp three images from the Nautical Stamp Set using ink of your choice.

Step 2:  Using a stitched square die, I cut out the stamped images.  (you could use scissors to do this step)

Step 3:  I matted the images using navy blue card stock.

Step 4: Cut card layer in a wave pattern to create the ocean feel.

Step 5: Using the rain droplet stencil, apply the blue glitter paste.

Step 6:  Emboss sentiment in white embossing powder to bottom of the other card layer.

Step 7:  Add as many other colors of card stock in the same wave pattern as the top layer to bring out the inked image colors.  I also added cord/twine in a coordinating color before attaching the stamped images.

I hope you enjoy creating this project with your own spin on it.  Please share your creation with us at the Sin City Stamp Fan page.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quick makes Grungy Background Tag

 Hi all
I am back with a quick make using the Grunge Texture stamps by Pam Bray.

Cover tag with paint using a brayer. 
Add textures to the background using the Grunge Textures Set
Add a stencil with modeling paste.
Dry brush with metallic paint.

Stamp out the circles and chevron onto card.
Colour in and glue to tag
Add words

Add another chevron to top corner of tag
Stamp out an Octopus and colour in
Add to tag 

Thanks for visiting!
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Relax Tag- Quick Ideas

Hi all,

I am really liking these new Sin City Stamps!
 I find that I am able to come up with all kinds of desighns.  
The quick project I made today uses the Sin City Stamp "Background Grunge". This set comes with many different background stamps to choose to use.  I must admit I am a big fan of grunge and always look forward to creating with grunge stamps. This stamp set also has the bonus of rosettes to add to the creation.

I started my project by ink blending the tag.  After inking the tag I spritzed it with water to add another dimension to the look. Next came the stamping of the grunge background stamp on the tag. I stamped and colored several rosettes and cut them out, adding them to opposite corners of the tag using dimensional tape. I die cut the sentiment and added it to finish the tag. After finishing I realized I needed a little bling so I added a few dew drops and now I am happy!

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Background Grunge Collaged Postcards - Quick Ideas!

 Hi Sin City Fans
Today I am sharing two quick postcards using some of the "extra" ink sprayed and stamped tissue paper I made for my post earlier this month!
I always try to make extra backgrounds when I have everything out so I have a "stash" if I need to create quickly!

For these 6 x 4 cards I used tissue and deli paper stamped with designs from the "Background Grunge" Stamp Set - I love the range of designs in this set!

Easy to decorate - just cover your card with the background paper - trim excess and add some quirky collage elements - I've used collage sheets by Art Tea Life for these cards - plus I added some sticky mesh for a little bit of texture. I've also edged the sides of the cards with the same colour ink I used to stamp the backgrounds.
Happy Stamping with Sin City!!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Personalized Cards and Envelopes

 Michelle here with a fun way to add a personalized touch to cards and envelopes using one of my stamp designs!

  1. Dandelion Bursts Background Stamp
  2. Patterned paper with a simple design.
  3. Card blanks and matching envelopes.
  4. Paper trimmer.
  5. Black ink
  6. A large stamping block to fit the 3 ½" x 5" stamp.
  7. Favorite adhesive.

 Trim your paper to fit the front of your card blank. Then stamp the Dandelion Burst Background onto your paper.

 I left room at the bottom to write a special sentiment if needed....

  For the inside of the envelope, just trim a stamped piece in half and adhere to the inside.

 Here are some other variations.

So fun!
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Going Postal...

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm going postal with the fab "Correspondence" Stamp Set and creating some easy postcards!
And a handy tip - whilst you are making a mess make a bigger mess and create "extra" pieces to use later - you will see that I have also used the new "Background Grunge" set to make spare pieces whilst I was making these postcards!

  • Sin City Stamp Set: Correspondence
  • Sin City Stamp Set: Background Grunge
  • Tissue Paper/Deli Paper/Grease proof Paper/Paper Towel - any of these will work
  • Ink Sprays
  • Archival Ink Pads various colors
  • Index Cards 6 x 4 or Cardstock 6 x 4
  • Kraft colored paper or card
  • Sticky Mesh
  • Glue, Glue Stick, Matt Medium
  • Scissors
  • Postcard Backing - lots available online (I used a digital image by "OnePeculiarGirl@Etsy)

Firstly gather your ink sprays, papers and a large piece of paper or card to protect your desk from ink over spray! I have used white tissue paper, kitchen paper, deli paper and even a sheer single layer serviette.

Spray 2 or 3 different colored inks over your paper.
 If your nozzles aren't clean you will get quite an array of patterned sprays!!
 It all adds to the effect LOL!
Allow to dry.

While your papers are drying gather your stamps and Archival ink pads and your fabulous Sin City Stamps!

Stamp your papers randomly with background stamps using colored  inks. Stamp several times before re-inking - the faded image looks great as part of the background too!
Use black for a bold pattern or a softer color for a more subtle look.

Next step is to create the postcards.
 I have used the piece of deli paper which was stamped with the "writing" from the "Correspondence" Stamp Set.
 Cover one side of your 6 x 4 cards with glue or matt medium and attach the cards - smooth out to make sure the whole card adheres to the paper.
 Allow to dry.

Trim the excess paper from the cards. Stamp images of your choice onto Kraft colored card/paper with Ink. (Plum color used here - also used on the background paper).

Edge the card with the Ink. Cut out your stamped images. 
Tear around the wording strip for a different effect.

Add some sticky mesh to the card backgrounds and arrange and adhere your stamped images on the cards. Place some of the images so they hang off the page and then trim them back - I like the effect of this. Remember to grab your  Ink and edge along the cut images to finish off.

Finally print off a postcard backing - you can find templates online or make your own. I have printed mine on Kraft coloured paper to match the stamped images on the front. Edge the postcard back with Archival Ink to match the front.

Hope you feel inspired to have a go making these postcards!

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Happy Stamping!